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Vijayalaya Chola, who conquered Tanjore from Perumbidugu Muttarayan in the 9th Century AD, was also a Pallava feudatory. Historians believe that Thanjavur was captured by Vijayalaya Cholan (AD 846-880) from the king Perumpidugu Muttaraiyan. At that time his father was on the seat of power in Renadu. That is why the Dwara Palaka on left entrace is seen without crown.

Bhimasolan = Bhila Solan Here SOLAN most probably indicates the title of the king dynasty and it stands for Chola. Solan = Re Nadu = Renadu On the left side of temple entrance, there stands an other Twara Balaga, which is said to be the statue of Kuvavan's younger brother Punniakumaran. This cave temple was established by Kuvavan Mutharayar during his rule at Thanjavur from 610 AD to 649 AD. go TOP Thirumaiyam temple is located in Pudhukottai district of Tamil Nadu .This page deals with some important Mudiraja, Muthuraja & Related Raya Kings of India. The defeat of Mutharaiyars at Tanjore made Cholas so powerful that the Pallavas were also wiped out from Tanjore at later times.For more details on Kodagu and Western Ganga dynasties relating to Mudiraj people, please go through webpage on "kingdoms" in this website. A vindication of the law of nemesis is discernible in the victory of a Chola Chief over Muttarayar, who had overthrown the earlier Chola kingdom.

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The younger brother was serving his elder brother faithfully by staying with him.

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